Affordable Terrazzo in Uganda

At Ezy Granite, our major aim is to create stunning natural stone products such as; countertop, staircases, worktops, floors, and more for your home.

Ezy Granite & Terrazzo offers you an impeccable range of our Terrazzo. Used for flooring, skirting, steps, and columns we offer you our Terrazzo in multiple colors like blue, green, red-orange, black, maroon, commercial grey. A combination of terrazzo and granite on the floors makes beautiful patterns. Have a look at the stars and worktop model we present and the charming entrance, column, and ramp patterns. We assure you will have an immediate urge to own something like this.

Our Terrazzo variety Paradiso is true to its name and gives a feeling of over and moon and somewhere in paradise. We know that everything in life is grey and to sink that truth in Terrazzo we bring you our splendid China grey and Super grey. To add more vibrancy to our brigade of Terrazzo come some of our masterpieces namely Amidas, Hasan green, Esal blue, and Malware. Try our Terrazzo and get amazed with the glamour your floor oozes. These Terrazzo compliments the floors of your home, buildings with extraordinary brilliance, and our fine polishing brings a greater finesse to it.

Because of the quality of our granite & terrazzo and the quality of our service delivery, Ezy Granite has been able to excel in the field of granite supply.

If you need a quote on size or color not indicated on our website, please, the phone gives us a phone call or send us an email and we shall revert within 12 hours.
We will promptly advise you of the cost, freight, and approximate delivery date. Special sizes also move faster with scheduled delivery. We also have a unique and organized process to make sure your experience is stress-free and the final product meets your expectations. This is because we simply love making people’s homes incredible.

More exclusive collection

We have extensive and stunning ranges of quality Granite, Terrazzo available in a wide range of colors and styles.

Quality granite

We pick the best available stones locally and around the world. We have all the best collections that you need.

Value for money

With the very many customers served, we supply and install high quality tiles that offer you a stunning value for your money.

Competitive prices

We offer top quality at competitive prices by keeping all fabrication and installation work in-house.

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