Lift elevators slab panels

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Terrazzo & Granite are an ideal material for elevators as they are strong and non-combustible.  The rich finish gives a sense of class and a modern classic feel to the building and enhances the value of a landing where the elevator lift is located. 

There is a wide range of color options to pick from and the design of the granite cladding around the elevator shaft can be designed around concepts specified by architects & designers.

Depending on the dimensions specified, we typically use large single pieces of Granite to clad the surface around the opening of the elevator. If joints are required, they can either be horizontal at the center where the switch is located or at the top to be more out of sight. As lifts are typically fitted in commercial buildings, we work closely with clients to work out a design that minimizes wastage of material and lowering costs to make the project as cost-effective as possible.

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