Granite Staircase Treads

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Granite is extensively used for staircases due to its aesthetic appeal and hard-wearing properties. We carve our granite steps with groves or rough grip markings to enable them to be as non-slip as possible.

We also manufacture matching threads and risers for all staircases. Granite Staircases are increasingly popular in Ugandan residential and commercial buildings. Granite can be etched, flamed, or grooved to create a non-slip grip staircase surface. Granite is very easy to clean and maintain, and hard-wearing.
Advantages of Granite Staircases:
Granite staircases are a beautiful natural finish that is used extensively in Uganda and around the world, with several distinct advantages that can not be replicated in man-made alternatives.

Prestigious finish Granite is a luxury finish that uplifts the appearance of buildings and creates an ambient upper market finish. This finish is perceived to be much more prestigious when compared t Terrazzo or marbles.

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