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Ezy Granite Uganda specializes in the manufacturing, supply, and installation of Granite & Terrazzo

Our Mission is to become a "One Stop Shop for all kinds of Granite & Terrazzo solutions" in Uganda and other East African countries like South Sudan & Kenya.
Ezy Granite Uganda is a major distributor and supplier of locally quarried and imported Granite in Uganda.

We supply both commercials as well as residential applications and are able to cater to large-scale projects such as schools, offices, apartments, hospitals, government buildings.

Ezy Granite Ugandahas a long list of satisfied customers whose word-of-mouth ads, based on the quality of our work, granite, and terrazzo, and the high skills of our technicians, has made us the preferred option of many construction firms, organizations, and individuals in just one year.

We have completed a number of projects for top corporate clients as well as demanding homeowners, using advanced equipment and a professional workforce.
Polishing, cutting, and repairing granite or Terrazzo stones in various styles for various purposes are among our responsibilities.

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Some of our past Granite works

The major products we do include; medical laboratory worktops, kitchen worktops, bank/office countertops, graves, lifts/elevators, stair cases, etc.

What we do

We are a leading Granite/Terrazo service provider in Uganda. Raisers, floors, kitchen worktops, office countertops, bank counters, walls, staircases, and graves/tombstones are just some of the granite/Terrazzo items we supply, install, sell, and repair.

We only deal in high-quality granite and Terrazzo varieties that are both durable and beautiful.

Ezy Granite has provided satisfactory services to large companies such as Mulago National Referral Hospital due to our dependability, skilled services, and competitive rates.

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We are specialists in the production, supply and maintenance of terrazzo and granite.

We deliver affordable granite services in wholesale and retail to both Ugandan and South Sudanese clients.

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Trusted Distributor and supplier of Terrazzo & Granite in Uganda & South Sudan.

Terrazzo and granite, without a doubt, offer the floor a gleaming and flawless appearance. Only a tiny little bit of stunning Terrazzo on the floor is all it takes to elevate the whole ambiance. Then why don't we get enough of it? In terms of color, texture, and style, there's a lot more.

Ezy Granite Uganda brings you the finest granite and Terrazzo on the planet, with a wide range of styles, colors, and textures.

We sell granite & Terrazzo tiles at the best prices and also install kitchen worktops, laboratory worktops, bank countertops, bedrooms, interior, plasterboard, etc. as one of Uganda's most trusted largest granite & Terrazzo - Manufacturers & suppliers.

Uganda granite Frequently asked Questions

Is granite worktops expensive in Uganda?

The price of Granite in Uganda is not expensive compared to the rest of the world or compared to other stones and taxes imposed. The price of a local granite worktop with a thickness of 1250mm is about UGX.120,000. There are also imported granite worktops, which cost about UGX.400,000per square meter.

What is the typical cost of granite countertops in the kitchen?

Granite countertops range in price from Ugx.120,000 and Ugx.450,000 per running meter and therefore, the total cost shall depend on the size of your worktop.Installation and materials costing between Ugx.25,000 and 40,500. The only excluded price here could be transport.

Which is less expensive, granite or quartz worktops?

The price of granite in Uganda seems lower compared to Quartz but, this should never give you the impression that granite is weak. Ezy Granite sells durable granite that lasts from 10 years and above. Today, there isn't much of a price gap between granite and quartz. People choose quartz for its color options and aesthetic value rather than its expense, and you can do the same.

Why is Granite more expensive than tiles?

Tiles are the least costly type of granite for a countertop. But, the thickness of tiles is not comparable to that of granite because granite is almost 5 times the thickness of tiles and therefore, granite is much more durable. Furthermore, one of the reasons to choose granite in Uganda is because granite is more.

Granite is one of the world's toughest materials. A diamond is the only material that is harder than granite. Granite's toughness makes it long-lasting. Granite, unlike other stone forms, will not crack or break over time.

Is marble less expensive than granite?

Granite is less costly than marble, with prices starting at $75/square foot built and going up to $100 for higher-end stone. Installed marble countertops start at $100 per square foot and can cost more than $200.

Are black granite countertops out of style?

The two Granite counter top colors that will never go out of style in your kitchen. Both white and black granite are eternal. You won't be constrained by a wall color if you pick a neutral like black or white. The speckled granites in pink, peach, gold, or brown will determine the color scheme of your entire kitchen.

Which granite color is best for a home?

Yellow Crystal Granite Crystal Yellow granite is one of the most common granite flooring colors. This granite has a really vibrant color and would be ideal for indoor flooring. This is a very uniform granite with uniformly distributed crystals in the pattern. In low light, this granite appears bright.

Kitchen worktops in Uganda

Kitchens in Uganda have evolved from a small room with limited space to a large open cooking area designed for leisurely lunches and the comforts of a living room. The living room and kitchen are often combined. This new layout necessitates a room that is sleek, inviting, and comfortable.

Our marble and granite countertops will help you accomplish this.

The countertop is the focal point of a kitchen's interior design. Absolute Black or Black Galaxy granites are excellent choices for your kitchen. The kitchen countertops serve as the focal point for the rest of the room. If that is classic, it changes the whole atmosphere of your kitchen. Furthermore, the quality of the material used for kitchen countertops is a crucial factor to remember. Since it is hard and solid, black granite is an excellent choice for kitchen countertops. This natural stone would not deteriorate over time. The top granite suppliers in your area will provide you with high-quality black granite. You may schedule an appointment at your leisure to choose the best black granite for your home.

Vanity with granite roof

Seek the Assistance of a Professional Granite Vanitytops Fabricator in Uganda. Adding granite vanity tops to your bathroom, fireplace, kitchen countertops, or granite faucet tops will undoubtedly increase the value of your house, whether you are building a new home or remodeling an existing one. If you've decided that granite is the material for you, send us a call. Our designers and granite countertops fabricators will assist you in planning your kitchen or bathroom remodeling project, and will include a world-class showpiece for your home with granite or marble slab countertops in Uganda.

What is a less expensive alternative to granite?

Concrete and engineered quartz are also less expensive than granite. As is stainless steel, if that's what you're looking for. Which is roughly the same as the cost of solid acrylic (Corian or Swanstone). Butcherblock can be less expensive than any of the above, but high-quality butcherblock would most likely cost the same as granite.

What are the most popular Granite colors?

Ubatuba is a prominent and reasonably priced dark green granite with gold, tan, and silver flecks. Venetian gold granite has an overall gold color with flecks of brown and rust interspersed throughout. The overall color of black galaxy granite is black, with gold flecks that reflect light.
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